Cherish // 25-11-21

“So let us know and become personally acquainted with Him; let us press on to know and understand fully the [greatness of the] Lord [to honour, heed, and deeply cherish Him].” Hosea‬ ‭6:3‬ ‭AMP‬‬

I was learning last night about what it means to cherish; which is to bear in mind, to hold as dear, to love, protect and care for, to treasure! When you cherish someone it changes them and it changes you, but it takes intent, it takes understanding the person, with a desire to know them better and respond to who they are. Cherishing is so vital for strong, healthy relationships, so how much more so to my relationship with God. When I look at all He has done for me I know I am cherished, but to fully appreciate that I need to deeply cherish Him too, pressing in to Him, seeking to know and understand Him more, doing all I can to show my love for Him! Lord thank You for loving me, help me to always bear You in mind, to put You first, to honour You. Teach me what it means to really cherish. Amen ❤️