Kingfisher Harvest Appeal 2019

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This year, we shall be focussing on one of the poorest countries in the International family – indeed, one of the poorest countries in the world – Zimbabwe.

The country is on its knees, with people starving, unemployment rampant and children being excluded from school because their families have not got a hope of affording school fees. So, we shall be getting involved with a specific project that Pastor Joseph Maravanyika (our contact in Zimbabwe) can oversee, to put some power into the hands of local farmers to be better able to provide for themselves.

The project that we shall be partnering with Pastor Joseph with is two enable the purchase of chickens, for local families to rear and sell. Each chicken costs $1 to buy and we would aim to enable them to purchase at least 500 chickens.

In addition to this, we shall be seeking to provide exercise books to be given to children in need, and bibles for pastors.

This is a project that will enable families to become more self sufficient and to generate an income in what is a very challenging environment.

Our aim is to raise $2000 US (which is around £1700). If you would like to donate to this Appeal, please contact us for more information.