About Us

Reaching lost people and seeing them transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

Our History

In 1993, a group of just twelve people set out to start a church with a difference – a place where ordinary non-religious people could come and make a life-transforming discovery that they matter to God and that they matter to other people.


That group of people – now a much larger group, numbering over 200 at Kingfisher Tredworth- believed that Church should be the place where people can go and find help when life falls apart, a sense of belonging in the face of growing isolation in society, and a sense of purpose as they discover who God made them to be and what they should be doing with their lives.


Kingfisher isn’t just a traditional church for “religious” people – its a place for ordinary people who want their lives to be transformed and who want to be a part of a growing community of people of all ages and backgrounds who are discovering the truth of Jesus’ words:



Our Core Values

At Kingfisher Church we are continually reviewing the way we do things and the structures we have in place, in order to continue to be as relevant as possible to people. However, there are two areas in which we have no intention of bringing change – our mission and our seven core values; the values that underpin all that we believe as a church.

We seek to put God first in everything we do.
Our ultimate authority is The Bible.
Lost people matter to God and so they matter to us and we seek to reach them in culturally sensitive ways.
We seek to grow biblical community based upon loving kindness, honesty and integrity in relationships and a commitment to conflict resolution.
We seek to live and act prophetically as a church.
Full devotion to Jesus Christ is the aim for Christian life, through personal spiritual growth and through being equipped and released to further the Kingdom and reach one’s full potential for Christ.
We shall never arrive - we shall continue to expand and grow until the whole world is pursuing full devotion.