Become like him // 17-03-21

“And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭3:18‬ ‭MSG‬‬

‘Glory’ is described as the manifestation of God’s presence! I love knowing that because of Jesus, because I have been reconciled to relationship with God, I can look to Him with joy and confidence, and His glory changes me and is reflected from me! Greater than any other label on me I bear His name as Christian, and I can shine His light into this dark world. His words can come out of my mouth, His love can be shown through my actions. Lord, show me Your glory, and use me for Your glorious purposes today, may my life glorify Your name that others might also come to know Your glory. Amen ☀️🙌🏼🙏🏼