Fit for purpose // 02-08-21

“This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.” 1 John‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Yesterday we started a new series at church about being, ‘Fit for purpose,’ spiritually speaking. We were looking at how to get fit, thinking about the FIT (Frequency, Intensity, and Time) that we are giving to the diet and exercise that is going to develop our spiritual muscles and keep us running with purpose in every step (to love God and to love others, to know Jesus more and to make Him known). It takes a daily practice of reading/hearing God’s Word, worshipping Him and praying to Him to build a strong relationship with Him. One of the exercises suggested was memorisation of Scripture – reading, meditating on and seeking to remember a verse a week. If, as the Bible says, it is alive and active, then as we practice this everyday we can expect it to inform our thinking and transform our living – listening to God more intentionally to follow Him more faithfully! I’m using a plan that I’ve posted on our Kingfisher Tredworth Facebook page, but every Monday I’ll post this week’s verse! Feel free to join in 🙌🏼😊❤️