Go // 29-04-22

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark‬ ‭16:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about this command to go! Am I really on the move or have I settled? Does my life speak of the Good News of Jesus or is it louder when it comes to other things? Would my friends/family/colleagues who don’t know Jesus yet be able to articulate what I believe, or does my faith never get mentioned? I say this as a Pastor because I know how easy it is to get sidetracked when I’m not in church, to talk about anything else but Jesus, even though He is what people need to hear about the most! Lord, I hear Your call to go and I sense the urgency of the hour. I’m sorry for the times I have missed opportunities, let fear get the better of me, made excuses, thought it was someone else’s responsibility, or kept quiet to fit in with the world around me. Help me to be different, to live differently, to take every opportunity to share the Good News about who You are, my life an example of the love that You have, the price that You paid, unashamed of the salvation that only You can bring! Amen 🙌🏼😊

This Sunday, we’re starting a new series, ‘When God says go!’ I believe God is going to get us moving again, as we identify the things that get in the way, as we confront anything that tells us we can’t, and as we realise the confidence and joy that comes with obedience! Come ready for God to break through! I’m excited for what He is going to do in us and through us in this new season 🙏🏼😊