My protector // 19-08-22

“The Lord is my protector; he is my strong fortress. My God is my protection, and with him I am safe. He protects me like a shield; he defends me and keeps me safe. He is my saviour; he protects me and saves me from violence.” 2 Samuel‬ ‭22:2-3‬ ‭GNT‬‬

I remember being about 10 years old and there was something on the news about nuclear war and it terrified me! I remember randomly opening my Good News Bible and these were the words that I read! This whole chapter is amazing and speaks of God’s awesome power, His rescue, His greatness! For anyone who has woken up feeling fearful or anxious today, go read it! God can be trusted, He is your provider, and He is able to get you through the current battle you find yourself in! Lord, I choose to put my trust in You, my hope and my help, may I experience your peace today, knowing that my life is in Your hands and You will give me everything I need. Amen 🙏🏼❤️‍🔥