I am forgiven // 26-02-24

“Jesus said to the paralysed man, “My child, your sins are forgiven.”” Mark‬ ‭2‬:‭5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Guilt is not just an emotion, it can affect us mentally, spiritually and even physically! In the online magazine, Psychology Today, it says that guilty feelings may make you feel literally heavier and more belaboured. Studies found evidence that feeling guilty makes people assess their weight as being significantly heavier than it actually is, and physical activities as requiring significantly more effort than non-guilty people do. Guilt literally weighs you down! Jesus saw that what this paralysed man in front of him needed most was to know who he was and that guilt wasn’t his captor anymore, “My child, your sins are forgiven!” And the result? The weight lifted and he got up, picked up his mat and walked! Lord, help me to receive the gift of Your forgiveness, and rather than struggle to live under the weight of my guilt help me to walk in the light of Your love and grace today, with the truth of ‘I am forgiven’ strong in my mind and in my mouth. Amen 👆🏼❤️

Here’s a word for someone today, ‘Stop bringing to mind what God has put out of sight! When guilt starts whispering its accusations the response is simply this, ‘I am a child of God, and because of Jesus, I am forgiven!’