The Journey



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The Exodus…this epic, 40 year journey that took the Hebrews from being slaves in Egypt to entry into their own land as free people with a glorious future awaiting them. The Exodus…more than just a journey, this was a transformational experience that would forever define the identity of that nation. Why did it take them 40 years, and what were the lessons they learned along the way? This was the journey that not only took the people out of slavery, but, more importantly, took slavery out of the people. What were the lessons they learned along the way and how does God take us on a similar journey today, as he transforms us from being slaves to sin, to being ready to enter the ‘promised land’ of heaven?

Note: As an additional bonus you will also receive a digital copy to download so that you can start reading immediately while you wait for you physical copy to arrive in the post.

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